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Make Your Next Fundraiser, Corporate Event, or Private Party, Unforgettable at
Ed's Sporting Goods & Sporting Clay Range


  1. Cost:

    • A $1,500 non-refundable deposit secures your booking and covers the first 28 shooters. Additional shooters are welcome at $50 per person.

    • Each shooter enjoys 100 targets.

    • Payment is due within 14 days of booking.

  2. Equipment and Maintenance:

    • Ed's provides state-of-the-art machines, targets, and expert labor to ensure a seamless event.

  3. Extras Included:

    • We supply scorecards and station menus to enhance your experience.

  4. Optional Side Games:

    • Elevate the excitement with side games like Flurry and Mulligans. Requests must be made at least one week before the event.

    • Side games incur an additional cost of $0.50 per target thrown.

  5. Tax Policy:

    • Taxes apply, except for schools and organizations with a valid tax-exempt number. Proof of exemption is required.

  6. Ammunition Guidelines:

    • For safety and performance, only shotgun shells of 2 3/4" with loads of 1 or 1 1/8, and shot sizes 7.5 or 8, are permitted.

Vintage Shotguns
Organizer Responsiblities
Hunters And Dog
  1. Catering Services:

    • Ensure provision of food and beverages for participants and staff to keep everyone energized throughout the event.

  2. Trapper Duties:

    • Trappers are responsible for target operation, scoring, and maintaining cleanliness at each shooting station.

  3. Safety Gear:

    • Provide adequate eye and ear protection for both trappers and participants to prioritize safety.

  4. Administrative Support:

    • Coordinate workers for registration and score management to streamline event logistics.

  5. Safety Enforcement:

    • Strictly enforce safety protocols, including a no-alcohol policy before and during the event, to ensure a secure environment for all.

  6. Weather Contingency Plan:

    • In the event of inclement weather causing a postponement, our management will collaborate with organizers to reschedule the event for a later date.

  7. Restricted Access:

    • Ensure that non-participants are not permitted on the shooting range during the event to maintain safety and order.

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